Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Reservations Unlimited

Our great erudite representaives have yet again come up with an ingenious idea of harnessing the already much exploited strata of society. This time they are holding "reservations in private sector" as their carrot. Devil only knows what next are these great people going to offer them when next elections will be due.
The whole purpose of making certain "reservations" for a segment of society has been defeated countless times. And it's not the defeat, per se, it has also been the shameless manner in which it has been done that aggravates me et. al. Every Indian knows why reservations were made and why caste system was adopted. It was only lack of proper infrastructure to correctly assess a person's wealth (read resources) and possible misuse by wealthier upper caste people, our forefathers thought that categorization on basis of caste will be better.
As of now the system (in whatever state it may be) tries to support people of certain castes. The get free education (during my IIT days, whole of tution fee was refunded to these "deprived" guys and it was very appropriately blown off into dope, alcohol and lukhagiri); they get entered into tough institutes easily and then they enter into Government jobs easily. And now, lo & behold, they'll be in private sector also. Why? Are they mentally handicapped; an analogous form of physically handicapped quota people? No! They are not the reserved caste; they are the protected class, just like "protected industries". Just like our great leaders continue to give protection to some silly and useless industries, they continue to give protection regime to these people.
Three cheers for our Oxford and Harvard educated leaders. If this is the best thing they can think of for our country, then I really cast doubts on their ignited minds. Wonder whether Harvards and Oxfords also protects their students by extending quota system??


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